We are a PA & Sound  System Rental company!

We have over 30 years of experience in Phuket as Event Specialists doing concerts, weddings, parties, corporate events,  yacht club races, presentations, festivals, of many sizes and themes.

Our cables are top quality made by us and we run most of our equipment through balanced XLR jacks made with Switchcraft and Nutrix connectors.

We offer wireless mics or Shure SM 58, 58 Beta or equivalent.

Now, we have 5 different sizes to choose from in our sound dept.  Each system utilizes Yamaha mixers (300 watt per side, 500 watt per side, or 2,000 watt per side with sub-woofers) Or, we can add active speakers (powered) around the perimeter in which each speaker volume can be controlled individually.

We  also can provide: drum kits, bongos, congas, keyboards, amps, bass guitar, electric (Fender) guitars, acoustic (Takemine)  guitars as well as many different DJ packages and  lighting packages for rent.

We are always expanding our equipment and acquiring bigger and better products.   Always striving to be #1 in this interesting and exciting music  industry.

We are musicians, that’s how we started, and learned throughout the past 40 years what it takes to get the best sound for any event.

So we  can provide bands, DJ’s, MC’s, duos, solo acts, etc.   What do you need?

Review Quote from a viewer at phuket.net:


Good sound and price compared to others.
Hired them for a party at a villa.
All Good.

Up to YOUR budget  and needs!

30 Years experience doing sound!

2 Day Sales Meeting Patong

We supplied lights, sound, mikes, guitars, bass, DJ and sound engineer  for thisFun Swedish band here on holiday.

Call or email us for a quote for your venue:
Email:   info@phuketsound.com or call Rob at 087 385 9688

Recent quote from PJae Stanley after providing the sound at one of her concerts:

“Thank you so much for a job well done.  You made our job easy and made us sound great.  Thanks for your diligent professionalism  I look forward to working with you again.   I feel confident recommending you and your company any time. “

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    1. Hello Trisha, Do you need the acoustic guitar to be able to plug it into an amplifier? Or just for playing acoustically?
      We have 3 Takemine acoustic guitars available right now and 2 of them can plug into an amp (acoustic/electric) and one is only acoustic.
      Best to communicate via email so, please reply to our email at: info@phuketsound.com

      For 6 days, the electric/acoustic guitars will rent for 4,000 baht and the all-acoustic for 3,000 baht. Do you need anything else?
      Thanks, Glenn from Phuket Sound.

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