Sound System Options



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We have many different systems to offer.
And they can be combined to form even bigger systems depending on the venue.

From our smallest:       2 -12″ powered speakers with it’s small built in mixer,

To our biggest:    2 sub-woofers, 6 top speakers, powered by 4,000 watts of amplification through a 16 channel Yamaha mixer.

Other choices:


  • 2-12″ powered speakers
  • 2-15″ powered speakers
  • 2-12″ passive speakers with 1,000 watt Yamaha EMX-5016 powered mixer
  • 2-15″ passive speakers with Yamaha EMX-5016 powered mixer


  • 2-12″ and 2-15″ active speakers with Yamaha EMX-5016 powered mixer
  • Add 2-Yamaha subwoofers to above system, powered separately by 2000 watt amplifier


  • 4-6 tops speakers (medium system above plus 2-4 speakers with sub-woofers (above)
  • Big Blue: 2-bigger subwoofers with 4 top speakers PLUS Medium system above added to it, for a total of 4 sub-woofers AND 8 top speakers

Normally for weddings, in 5 star resorts (where they don’t like to use sub-woofers as they tend to keep other guests awake) we use the Medium 1st option above.
The 2 – 15″ Yamaha speakers on the ground and the 2-12″ speakers on poles surrounding the area.
This is fine for up to 80 people.
If more than 80, we would add more speakers/amps/etc. depending on venue, indoors or out, proximity to other guests, etc.

Also, we are getting into more and more lighting options.

We now have moving pars, LED lighting, as well as flashing high-powered lights and stage lighting for a band.
All operated with a DMX 512 controller.

4 Speaker Yamaha Medium system with Powered Mixer

Medium system.

subwoofer yamaha

Yamaha Sub-woofer